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sigh,,,,I do not know if I qualify for this thread or not,

I am a mom and I work,,,,,,but my youngest child is 17 and a half, and we are COUNTING DOWN!!!! It is JOYOUS I tell you! DH is practicing his "Happy happy joy joy we are no longer responsible for you" dance,,,

however the child wants to go to college, so I don't know how much more responsible we could get,,,,,

HOWEVER, I am STILL a taxi,,,,I STILL pick up after them,,,,I STILL hand out money like an ATM machine,,,and I am STILL waiting up for them to come home with the car (ack!!!) at midnight,,,

and guess what,,,,I STILL have no alone in the potty time, or dressing alone time, or my own drink or icecream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do I qualify???????

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