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Cancer.. it does suck.. I have lost family & friends to the big "C" as well as know some survivors of it, and know some people currently living with it.

My grandmother- she had endometrial cancer. She had her uterus removed.. went through Chemo and radiation.. She got a clean bill of health! Two days later she suffered a heart attack that was cause by her getting hit with Leukemia. He had her heart attack November 13 2002 and passed December 1 2002.. They could not treat the leukemia.

My father~ He had testicular cancer. Had surgery and had a blood transfusion, and contracted aids from the blood transfusion.. but he died 13 years later because of aids and because the cancer had spread, chemo & radiation, as well as the surgery did not help.

My mother.. had cancer- went through chemo and survived.. she is cancer free now going on 18+ years!

My FIL was just recently diagnosed with colon cancer. (Just a few days ago) He has not started treatment yet)

My grandfather had colon cancer.. had a colostomy done and beat the cancer. He passed away a few years later though, May 7th 2002, on my oldest daughters birthday. (From natural causes, he was in his 80's)

My friend who my daughter Ilanna is named after.. Her father (who is more like my father too) has brain cancer. It has spread through his back, and other places.. chemo & radiation has not done anything.. He was given 6 months to live (5 years ago though)

DH lost 2 of his grandfather's to cancer. (One of them, had passed since we have been together, Oct. 2004 and the other one way before)

A friend's sister has Hodgkin s disease (Hodgkin s lymphoma)

I have 2 high school friends that have passed away from cancer.. one had stomach cancer, and the other had brain cancer.

Cancer is all around us lately... Every one continues to be in our thoughts and prayers

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