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WOW! Its one thing to talk about a family member and their ailment but when you are a just a friend to someone in another family and do not know the family or family member from Adam you should not be broadcasting their every movement with the ailment. Especially when the person is a very private man. I don't think he would be happy knowing all that was being said by, pretty much, a stranger. Nor would his, wife, sons and daughter-in-laws!

well honey, not to upset you,,,,but when my father in law died I needed all my friends,,,,perhaps she's trying to be as supportive as she can,,,,,,perhaps she's trying to find ways to be supportive. She didnt use any names, nor did she in any way indicate who they might be,,,,,,so I thought (myself) that she was just trying to be the best friend she could be and maybe come away with some ideas to be supportive and loving of her friend,,,,,,,,

some people love their fathers in law the same way they love there fathers,,,,,I certainly did,,,,,and trust me when I say that EVERYONE understood my DHs pain when his dad died,,,,and NO ONE understood my pain,,,,,,he was, afterall ONLY my FIL,,,,,and that hurt,,,,,a great deal,,,,he was my FIL for 27 years.

so I understand what you're saying,,,,,,but I truly think maybe we should assume the best, rather than the worst about her motives.

Thank you Holly, YES I was trying to be supportive of my friend and her family in this difficult time. I did not give any personal information about who this individual is. I also checked first with his family before posting to make sure that it would be ok. He gave permission for his family to share the news with friends and loved ones. I have met this man before so it's not like it's someone I don't know.

Heather if it offends you that much then may I make the suggestion that you simply skip over my posts because ultimatly I was not speaking directly to you but rather to everyone. I thought this was a thread where people could share stories and chat with eachother about what obstacle life has thrown their way. Not so you can nit pick and complain about other people's posts!

When individuals and families go through hard times it's healthy to share and talk to others. To get advice or just chat so you know your not the only one in the situation. To know there are other people or families going thorough the same things. Without communication life would be a lot harder. It's sad that certain individuals haave to take things such as a innocent post about a sad time and make it something negative and create drama from it.

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