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i think we all understand that cancer is just ripping through our lives like an out of control train and we will all react to it differently. i made this thread because i felt like i was monopolizing my challenge and critique group threads with more bad news about my fiance. while everyone on those threads has been wayyyy supportive and understanding i didn't want to constantly bring the mood of those forums down. it is tough to post that your BF has cancer when other ladies are excited about new jobs, babies, and new homes. those events are just as important and deserve to be able to be celebrated in their entirety without my posts bringing everyone down. this was a place where i hope by mere name of the thread allows people to know coming here that we are dealing with sad, painful, and life threatening issues. while there will be triumphs along the way for each of us, there will undoubtedly be pain and sorrow. i hope that we will be able to all post and feel welcomed and comforted here. I don't want anyone to feel like they can not post how they are feeling or that they can't read a post for fear of being offended. let's all just be there for one another. i know i don't have much family to lean on for support so i need all the friends i can get. together we can fight cancer and hopefully win.

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