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Heather, retail work can really mess with church and family schedules! I have a friend whose husband works at a large "big box store" and he RARELY gets a Sunday off and always works Saturdays. While he loves his job, they are praying for something else because it's just not family friendly.

Does your dh at least get Saturdays off?

It is fantastic that your son still wants to go to church. Like you, we had no choice growing was just the way it was. We were in church twice on Sunday, and youth group Sunday afternoon, and prayer meeting on Wednesdays. Period. No discussion.

My brother rebelled strongly against that in his 20s (married), but always loved God. Sadly, his kids never got to go to Sunday School or VBS or any other kid-friendly stuff. But, God is faithful, and they are all very active in their churches and ministries now.

I'm very grateful to have been raised in a Christian home, too.

Nope, Saturdays are like Sundays. His normal days off are Tuesdays and Fridays. At least now he's on first shift. For years he was on second and we would go days at a time not seeing each other, unless you count one seeing the other sleeping. He really doesn't like his job, but it's pretty much the only job he's ever had and no other skills. He's just praying for the day he can retire, but he's only 44, so he's still got lots of years to go. I worked in retail many years before my current job, so I can certainly sympathize with him too. All it takes is one cranky customer.

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