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It doesn't matter what time I go to Wal-mart, the line is always bad! If I go too late they only have one register open, if I go during normal hours there are a lot more people You can't win lol.

Can't believe I didn't fall back asleep. I took a couple of pictures of our tree yesterday and I'm editing them now -- I hope to use them on a Christmas layout. I haven't made a LO since I started scrapping again, gotta work on that

Lorna, I've had the thyroid problem for just a little over 6 years. When I realized that the tremors I was getting in July went away when I ran out of my medicine, I decided to stop taking it and see how I felt. I didn't feel any symptoms of low hormone so I left it at that. I started feeling like I had mono several weeks ago and it only hit me last week that these are my hypothyroid symptoms -- felt the same way before it got diagnosed. It truly screws with every system in your body! It's crazy how such a small bit of hormone can make you feel like you're dying. I'm not having the blood test until Tuesday so I'm not sure how low it is, but it's low enough, I know that lol.

I saw a trick on Pinterest that might help Deb2...if you put panty hose/tights over the end of the hose on your vacuum (keep it taut with a rubber band), you can get the suction power without actually sucking up what you're looking for. So if you know where you might have lost it that could be worth trying.

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