Username Post: Megan - I got a problem!
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean

Okay, I have a lot of problems. I'm riddled with problems but only one I think you can help me with.

When I'm on the boards and see a layout I want to comment on - no problem. I stay signed in so I'm able to comment on layouts in galleries whether I go directly into the gallery or in through the topic where the layout is posted. Never a problem.

I get emails notifications when friends post and I like to comment on everyone's layouts. Not good about commenting on other things, but I do like to comment on friend's layouts.

However, when I click in through the email notifications it takes me to the layout but tells me I have to be signed in to comment.

I am signed in! I try signing in again and it tells me that either my name or password is incorrect. It is correct!.

So, I go back to the board and it confirms that I've been signed in all along.

So how do I fix it so I can comment on layouts when I'm notified through email?

Should probably add that I just started using the new computer I got for Christmas but I brought everything over here so no settings have changed. And it is that wants me to sign in again in order to comment and then won't let me.

Any ideas?

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