Username Post: Anyone watching the new show on ABC called "REVENGE"??
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holy what happened, Batman?!* I thought the mom was alive as soon as the white haired man mentioned her mom during the fight scene. Apparently, the mom must be involved with all of the "big" guys. I wonder if it was she that sent sen-sei to train Emily to fight. One needs to wonder why she let her daughter rot in juvie hall. Or, maybe she thinks that fake Amanda is the real Amanda? Maybe that is why sen-sei went and got her? Also, Jack, poor Jack. I wonder if that baby is really his. How long has fake Amanda been gone? and why did she wait so long to come back? Why come back now? I do not think that anyone on the plane died. I think that they were never on the plane at all. I think that white haired man now OWES Emily because she spared his life and he now knows that she is the Real Amanda. I am so glad that I Have all of the episodes on dvr. It will make for some interesting watching over the next few months.

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