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Daisy was in Ricky's room and when he left, she looked at his computer and saw Ricky drowning a girl in the bathtub (history repeats,like mother like son)
Daisy hears Ricky coming back and takes out her cell phone and pretends to talk to someone, then tells Ricky there is an emergency with Lucy and leaves quickly.
Ricky noticed that his laptop had been touched and said that Daisy, you made a big mistake.

Daisy frantically calls Michael and wants to meet him in the alley. She wanted to warn him about Ricky being dangerous.

Michael went to meet Daisy in the alley.
She was not there.
Paul showed up and he waited with him.
There is a huge trash bin there, no one took a peek.
Michael found a scarf which was later identified as Daisy's. He brought it into the warehouse and bagged it for evidence.
Later, it was noted that there was a speck of blood on it. Later (almost instantly), it was officially identified as blood but not a blood type or whose.

Ricky was delighted that no news of missing Daisy hit the paper, just the news that Abbey was missing/kidnapped (instead of Chloe) to Carmine's surprise.

Ricky had a flashback of meeting Daisy in the alley but we still do not know what became of her.
Ricky also has Daisy's pocketbook and was cleaning it out. He commented that her license and cell phone would come in handy.

Paul finds out from Eden that Daisy and Ricky were kissing and that they had a relationship. Ricky then tells Paul that they (Daisy and he) identified with each other with a crazy Mom and absent Dad and hostile greetings when they came to GC.

Phyllis and Daniel say they did not have anything to do with Daisy's disappearance. (Daisy did say she wanted Ricky to help her plan an escape.)
Paul took the gun away from Lauren (in her purse) but that was AFTER Daisy went missing.
He concealed it in his coat pocket.
Michael does not know about the gun.

Ricky would have reasons to get rid of Daisy.
Ricky does not know (as Daisy figured out and used it as blackmail) that Phyllis is hiding the bomb Ricky is looking for . . . that Phyllis tried to run down Cricket/Christine and Paul years ago in the rental car.
Nick is completely clueless as to this history/secret.

Ronan is back (by NE helicopter) and is working for Victor to find Abbey and wants the punk that kidnapped her to pay a price. Abbey assures Carmine at the seedy hotel where they are hiding out, that she has Daddy wrapped around her finger and he can get off scot free.

I think Carmine and Abbey would make a good couple.

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