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Daniel is being charged with Daisy's mysterious disappearance based on the his blood being on her scraf. Michael withdrew from the case and put Heather on it. Daniel is in jail.

No one can find Eden.
Paul apologized to Ricky about his suspicions that Ricky was involved in Daisy's disappearance.
Eden was set to have drinks with Ricky but left.
She asked a maid to let her in Ricky's room and she snooped. There she found Daisy's cell phone and wallet under a chair cushion. She put them in her knapsack.

Ricky came up and found her in his room.
He tried to convince her to have something to drink there. Then her knapsack fell and the wallet and cell fell out. Ricky got mad and the chase began. Into the bathroom, a struggle and Eden fell banging her head on the tub edge and getting knocked out. Ricky then wrapped up Daisy's wallet and phone and put it in the maid's trash cart.

Ricky was getting ready with a sharp knife to kill her when Paul walked in and caught him in the act.
There was a heated emotional discussion/demands and Ricky blamed Paul for everything wrong in his life (narcisstic personality trait). Ricky admitted to killing girlfriend Rachel and had said something about Daisy, but it was not specific. Ricky told Paul to go away and Paul turned but then turned back with Lauren's gun pointed at Ricky. As Ricky got up, there was a shot, and Ricky fell backwards through the window.
We will learn about Ricky and Eden's condition.
If Ricky is dead, then it might be a while before we learn about Daisy or even Tim Reid.

Ricky, Daisy, Tim -- are they dead or alive?
Ricky should live a bit and then on his deathbed admit his wrongs and say what happened to Daisy.
Or maybe Daisy will show up and tell the story but who would believe her?

Craziness -- why would Ricky kill Eden in the GCAC suite bathroom? That would be sort of messy and tell tale. What is he doing with such a big knife in his room, did he get it from the kitchen downstairs?

Maybe Daisy is under the bed? or in the closet?

GCAC -- not a good place to be with bombings and a high dead body count (Ji Min Kim, Hightower . . .)
And remember, GCAC is for members only! Would you want to be a member?

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