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I drive a 2000 Dodge Intrepid with 210K miles on it. Just redid and cooling system ourselves. Love the car. It gets 26 mpg. No minuses. Huge trunk.

We have a 2005 Sequoia Limited. LOVE that truck! Horrid gas mileage 17 not towing, 15 towing. It's sooooo comfortable! Leather everything. Power everything. No complaints other than mileage.

DH has a 1995 T-100. It's a work truck, need I say more? Lol

We also have a 2004 Corvette. AWESOME mileage, great car, too small for the 3 of us.

Of all of the cars, we drive my Intrepid the most.

I love the new Camry's. My SIL has one and I got to drive it for a week. Awesome. Drives just like my Intrepid.

My choice? A RAV-4 or Camry. I love SUV's and crossovers.

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