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If you're talking smaller cars, DH drives an '09 Toyota Martix. He won it in a contest, it's not a car he would have chosen for himself. That said, we've been really surprised by it. He's got 60K miles on it so far and no problems.

What we love:
-my favorite feature is the standard outlet for charging.
-great gas milage (30-35)
-great pickup for a small car (he's got a standard with the larger engine)
-good cargo room, more than most small cars and more than a larger sedan when you put the seats down

what we don't like:
-no leg rom in back seats
-I feel cramped when I have to scoot the seat up to drive (I'm 4' 11" so the seat is all the way up)

I forgot to add what car DH wants... A Ferrari like Magnum PI's. Came really close to buying one last year but he just couldn't do it because it's not practical.

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