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I love our Jeep Commander. Very safe for driving in all weather conditions. My dh is disabled to due to back injuries and this is the only vehicle he can sit in without pain. Our two teens sit comfortably in the second row seating. Theater style seating allows people who are prone to carsickness to see over the top of the row in front of them. We have taken our Jeep off road and down snow covered roads (with snow coming over the hood)and through all kinds of city traffic. Never a problem. It is an '06 with 160,000 miles. We have had to put brakes on it and change wheel bearings in the last month. It is our only vehicle and our closest grocery store is an hour's drive away. The only issue I don't like is the mpg: about 15. It also has the StabiliTrac which ensures very little slippage on icy or dirt roads. It is not as high as some SUVs so it is easier for older people to get into. If we were ever to buy another vehicle, we would probably just get a new Commander. Actually, we love all of the Jeeps, we have had a Cherokee, Liberty, and now the Commander.

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