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While the cat is away, the mice are at play.
Nick is at a NE board meeting.

Tim arrives at Phyllis' apt (pre-arranged).
She has already poured wine to drink and added some drugs to knock him out. She quickly hides the drugs in the potted plant.

He arrives and she suggests they drink up but he refuses and has brought his own wine and fun furry handcuffs. Phyllis suggests they drink hers first then drink his later. He takes a sip and spits it out. Phyllis decides to go change into something more enticing, and excuse to find a new drug to use on him.

Tim all comfy cozy, relaxed on the sofa, decides to take a few blue pills for "added fireworks". He drinks the poisoned wine. Phyllis comes in and gives him a little show and while she turns her back, he collapses on the floor and discovers he is dead just as there is a knock on the door, which is Kevin who wants to know if Phyllis will take the job for Tag and Go (like Pinterest).

Tucker coaches Sharon.
Nick meets Sharon and tries to reason with her. She moved the book to the seat but then the book is back on the table the next second.

Sharon went to the Newman board meeting and announced she will be running the company.

Not too sure about Tucker here, good guy or bad guy? Sharon is trusting and believing everything he says and for the benefit of who?

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