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Good Monday morning ladies!
My house is in between, I would say, not super clean, not super messy. I try to keep it picked up at least. I'm not great at deep cleaning on a regular basis.

Was a busy weekend. Football dinner Friday night, luckily I had plenty of food, but no help, so it took me forever to get it all cleaned up.
Posters came in, some look great, some not as good as I would like, but they are going up high on a wall, so people won't see it up close.
Football on Saturday, our team is really struggling, can't seem to finish anything until the 4th quarter and by then it was too late. Randy played really well, though, was in on several tackles, had one single tackle, in which he messed his shoulder/neck up! Still hurting this morning, so I let him sleep a little longer today, he'll go in by noon. We were worried about a concussion for a little bit, but I spent the whole day with him yesterday and I'm sure he's fine that way. Thank goodness.
Yesterday took Brandon and a buddy to the indoor water park. Randy went along, I thought he would like to sit in the hot tub, but he decided not to. We had a nice visit though. Then to pizza and costco. It was a good day, but busy.
Clinton is helping some friends with early beet harvest all week, except Friday, which is homecoming. Brandon is excited to ride the bus out and help out after school.
Have a parent meeting this evening, they always take the 5th graders on an expidition to Yellowstone. Brandon will go the weekend before Thanksgiving. It's a pretty cool deal. Randy's class was the very first one to do it, and it's changed a lot since then, but a good trip. We'll have to start selling some pies to help raise the money. Like I need more to do! lol!

Bridget, Wicked is definitely on my bucket list! I'm very jealous!
Pam, thanks for the heads up on the free colors, wish they didn't take them away after a few days! I have over 500 coins and I keep thinking I should buy another set, but not sure which one. Guess I will just use the free set for a few days and then decide.

Hope you all have a great day!

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