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Yay for books!

I just started reading the Harry Potter series for the first time earlier this year. I'm currently on the last book, but I'm having a hard time finishing it because it's so much more depressing than all the previous books in the series! I still can't believe Dumbledore is gone...

@Doreena. I might just buy that book later this week. Thanks for the suggestion!

I am a HUGE HP fan! I have read and re-read those books! My son loves them too! Actually he got me into them! (My son is good at that, which, if you read my blog post you'd fully understand my comment, LOL). And yes the last book is so much more depressing but it is good I promise!

You're welcome for the suggestion, I hope you like it! Let me know. You can reply to my blog or send me a PM, however you want but I would really like to know (even if you DON"T like it)!

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