Username Post: Welcome to the Puppies and Rainbow thread....
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Hello...I'm new to this site. But I have a puppy...

We'd like some new friends, so can we hang out here?


We're always up for new folks to drop by and chat.

But be forewarned, it isn't all puppies and rainbows here, we're a very diverse group of women who simultaneously love and hate our men, crab about our kids, fantasize about killing our bosses (ok, maybe just maiming cause none of us look good in prison orange), quitting our jobs and running away to a remote scrappy island. We want to win the lottery, have all the Nesties ever made and drink frozen concoctions served by half naked island men.

We do offer good advice, hugs where needed, and the occasional dose of tough love. We're brutally honest, funny, witty and sarcastic (hence the Thread name) cause really, if we title the thread "Bunch of crabby B's" we'd draw unwanted attention!

So if you're up for the challenge (lol)- jump in and tell us a little bit bout yourself!

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