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I called in sick today...needed mental health day....only to wake up to Joe's voice in my apartment coming to pick up his stuff. he didn't think I'd be here. Ky and I were still home and she was talking to him in the living room. I looked like crud and didn't really say anything. I gave him back his extra car keys and garage door opener and walked him out to the truck. We chatted for a bit and he said he felt I abandoned him in his time of need. That opened a can of whoop ********...I ended it with "when you're ready to do this with the courts and have the judge make the rules instead of her feel free to give me a call" and I went inside to shower.

He sat in his truck in the parking lot. I got out of the shower and he was in my apartment and had the paperwork I'd drawn up and said "let's do this. I need your help" I forwarned him that if he was doing this for me it's the wrong reason. I want him to do this for himself and the boys so that things are done right. Her pulling A out of counseling last minute was nothing more than a control move.

So we filed the motion at 10 a.m. for mandatory counseling for A with a counselor of the judges choice (neither parent gets a say) and a request for open phone lines from 6-9 PM where he can't be cut off from the boys as well as changed pickup and drop off to be at a neutral location vs. her job or her home.

We are not together at this point...I told him I need time to be sure it all goes through. I will help him and be a friend and have his back but as far as seeing him I think we need to see what hapens with the backlash of court and wait for the hearings to be done. Motion hour is on the 8th and that's when he'll get the hearing date.

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