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Good morning sweet ladies,

Such a lovely morning! Birds are out and the morning air is nice and cool. Windows are wide open for some fresh morning air! Enjoying my cup of coffee from my new family room garden view. I wound up rummaging through the shed and found an old garden picture for the large blank spot on the wall, so that will suffice for "new art" for now.

Martica...I'm so sorry that Pedro didn't get that job...still praying for him! OMG girlfriend your dresser and frame are gorgeous!!! You totally rocked the Song Bird line with your beautiful creations. You are soooo talented my friend and how exciting to be featured on the G45 Blog! So very excited for you!!!

Maggie...It really has made all the difference in my outlook to rearrange and freshen up that room. It was fun to redecorate and it really lifted my spirits too! Now if I could just find my mojo again! If anybody finds it, please send it back home, I've got to get crack-en on some holiday gifts!

Linny...I am so glad that your Cymbalta is working for you again! And BTW most days getting up, getting dressed and making the bed is about all the umph I've had lately myself. Been so burned out on scrapping lately I have no idea where my mojo has gotten off to! I do hope it returns in time for some holiday crafting!

Katie...Safe travels for you and your family today darlin! So excited that you'll have your own home again and getting your own scrap room is just awesome! I'm so excited for you!

Elizabeth...I too am loving the arrival of fall. Although you wouldn't know this week, it's been in the 90's around here still. But the evenings and mornings are cooling off, so that makes me happy.

Lorna...How exciting to be a part of something so huge! I know as a buyer myself, I took great pride in the projects I got to work on also. It's fun to be part of something bigger than yourself! Have a restful weekend my friend! You deserve it!

Well it's going to be a warm one this weekend so I've decided to do some entertaining on the patio today. Going to have a few girlfriends over for brunch later this morning. Making a quiche and some fresh fruit and don't forget the mimosa's! I so wish we could all belly up to the counter, grab a plate of goodness and a cold drink and while away an afternoon together! It would be so fun! But until then, I'll just have to imagine all the laughter and good times we would share. Make it a marvelous day ladies! Prayers going out for all of your needs this morning.

PS: Praise Report: My step mom has been moved to a physical therapy rehabilitation facility after her stroke last month. She's regaining some of her motor skills as she is starting to stand again. Please pray that she will be able to walk again. And, thank you so much for including her (Wanda) in your prayers. I'm ever so grateful!

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