Username Post: Any Young and The Restless Fans Out there?
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    In response to Kylagirl

I was thinking the same thing about what is up with him wearing those shades.

I would like to have seen Sharon's mother rip her a lot more for everything she has done. They are making her out to be a real fruitcake. Wonder whatever happened to that phych report? She and Patti need to be roomies.

Ronan.....seriously! Phyllis?? That woman has more baggage than a box full of Hefty garbage bags could handle.

I hope Jack gets his Beauty of Nature back but hope he would be content as they were trying to point out to him. He does sound ungrateful for all the second chances he has been given in life.

Victor and many times can they act like "This time is forever"?

I like Daniel and Heather together.

Time for Paul to get a break.

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