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hi everyone, my fiance and i are having issues with our wedding location. we have a top 3 picked, 1.disney world, 2.a beautiful outside garden, and 3.a local country club. i was discussing these options with my mother and she freaked at about the disney world option. she said it was insensitive of me to suggest it because no one on her side of the family would be able to attend. i was crushed when she said that. it's our number one pick because it was the only location that took my breath away out of the dozens we saw. even with our top 3, the garden was pretty, but an outside wedding in south fl is not the best idea (too hot or rain)...the country club was sort of "generic" and not as special since a lot of our friends had weddings/sweet sixteen/ sweet fifteens there. other than disney being a beautiful location, it's the about the same cost (if not cheaper than) the other 2 places, and i love disney! i've always loved disney since a little girl, i've worked there in the past, my fiance and i have had some romantic moments there...i mean what bride doesn't want to be a princess on her big day so, i was obviously crushed when told i was being insensitive by possibly having that as my location i looked at the wedding list on both sides, about half are flying to fl anyway...what difference if it's south or central fl they fly into? as far as the rest of the guests in south fl, i know for a fact some of them drive into orlando for theme park and non theme park reasons. my father has driven to tampa for select BASKETBALL games! aunts have driven to orlando to see friends. friends go to universal/disney on a whim. so, i really did not think it would be a big deal to have a wedding in the orlando/kissimee area. i've heard of lots of couples having a wedding at a location a few hours away. (disney is about 3-4 hous away from us.) my fiance and are are paying 100% for the wedding ourselves. is my mom right, am i being insensitive and should just stick with a local location? (sorry so long!) tia

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