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Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Java is on and I slept like a baby last night! A bit on the sore side this morning after nearly two work outs yesterday. This train the trainer thing is kicking my behind this morning. But, my daughter had her first workout with me yesterday so it was worth it. Things were a bit on the awkward side having to show her each move, but we'll get into the grove in no time! Now if I could just get hubby on board I'd be one happy camper.

Lorna thank you for the miraculous reminder. There is definitely peace in my heart this morning. I'm surely going to enjoy this mornings sunrise. Have a great day and don't work too hard sweet friend!

It's been a little while so for those of us who enjoy a morning prayer:

Lord we wake to start a new day and gather around our little cafe, please be with each of us today as we go about our daily activities. You know the needs of our little group and we want to especially lift those who are sick and in need of employment. We want to thank you and praise you for helping them in their time of need. We wait patiently on you Lord that we may sing your praises for the work you are doing in each of our lives Lord. Thank you for being our rock and our fortress. Go before us today and be a lamp unto or feet. We pray these things in Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you Dawna, that was beautiful.

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