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Morning Ladies, So nice to read that Camille is doing so well, she continues to be in my prayers.
Bon, loving seeing your boots all over the site again as I continue to pray for you to have strength.
Bren, Miss Drama Queen, NOT, I live with one of those. Please let us in so that we lift you up and your troubles in prayer. It really works wonders.
Katie, been reading about your adventures on FB, girl you take it easy! Relax a bit and enjoy unpacking and setting up your room and scrappy area.
Praying for everyone else's health and well being.

On a different note, had rain here for the last couple of days, well yesterday we saw white stuff flying too. Not cold enough for it to stick, YET, but my DD who is 4 was so excited she was jumping around while I am trying to get her to lie down for her nap. She wanted to go out and shovel the snow, LOL. Its to bad really if that white stuff chooses to start and stay this month, I was hopeing for a warm Halloween. It has been unusally warm for us here up until Tuesday. Stil had to turn on the air conditioner everyday. Now its the heat! But I should be use to it, that is the weather goes in Southern Alberta.

Its the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so I will be off all weekend as I have a house full for supper on Sunday. Hope to check in again early tomorrow morning. God Bless

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