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  • NaneeTootieBeebleBug Said:
Thank you for that beautiful prayer Dawna and for the attitude of gratitude Lorna...all I have to say is "Amen". Praise you father for the continued miracle that is Camille, continue to strengthen her body and let her life be a living testimony to your greatness Lord. Grant her determination and strength to get through each day with a fighting spirit. Keep the songs in her heart and may this experience teach this entire family just how precious ones life is. Continue to give Linny the strength to be Camille's ROCK and give Linny peaceful rest so that she may continue to do your work Lord...I ask this in Jesus precious name...Amen.

I hope that as the cool air replaces the stuffy feeling of summer that we all start to breathe a little easier. That we spend more time getting to know the world around us and that every day we touch at least one person's life.

I love y'all.

Amen and Amen

Bon, that was beautiful.
Love and hugs back at you

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