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Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Java is on and I'm waiting on the arrival of my daughter for her Thursday workout with me. I'm anxious to see how she weathered Tuesdays routine. She put in a great effort so I'm sure she felt it!

Linny...So happy for Camile!!! Thanks for sharing such an awesome praise report!

Katie...Happy the move went so well for you! Hopefully your stomach will settle down now that the relocation is over. Are you suffering from a from of ulcers Katie?

Shana...Happy Thanksgiving to you! Do you gather up family and do up a turkey with all the fix en's like we do here in the states? It's been a heat wave this week with temps in the 100's still. Geeze, can't wait for that fall weather to arrive! Can't believe your talking snow flurries already!

Have a wonderful day ladies. Morning blessings to all...:)

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