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  • RedSquirrel Said:
I just presumed that although the spelling they have chosen should be pronounced "cry-cut" using the rules of pronunciation, Provocraft intended it to be pronounced "cricket", keeping the spelling of the "cut" part because it is a cutter. Then they could use the insect as their logo.

You really don't see it? I feel as if I'm stating the obvious, but now I'm wondering whether I got the wrong end of the stick all along. I'll admit it is a weak joke on Provocraft's part, but it was all I could come up with. I've never heard anyone from Provocraft pronounce it though....?

Okay. I get that.

I guess my opinion is that it's not clever, it's just dumb!

I think if they wanted to use "cut" and the bug, it seems it should be spelled some other way? "Crickcut" or "criccut"? At least those would READ 'cricket.'

Oh well!!!

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