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  • MeganF Said:
eh. just a couple things. Mostly my nonprofit. The new president has taken on the roll of dictator. Shes is being very over bearing and throwing around power she doesnt really have. It makes me want to punch someone. Im not her employee, nor her child. I will not be spoken to the way she has been doing, in a volunteer position. I dont want it to come down to it- but i will quit if she doesnt change her ways.

AND... I told ou guys i was going to make those leaves for a girl? Well, I made them and sent them. She kept saying she never got them. I ended up with them returned for postage. (I went and used the do it yourself thingy. apparently I dont know a large envelope and a small parcel). Anyway- I resent them and had to send priority because she needed them this week. I let her know what was going on. She had originally said she would pay a "reasonable" amount. I never questioned it, we never talked about it. So really this is my fault. I spent like $10 on paper and another $7 total on shipping. When I told her I would resend them priority, to make sure they were there- she said she would give me some money for shipping. So she ended up pay paling me $5. Total. For all of it. I guess by not talking to her about cost, it meant that I was doing it for free. I dont mind doing it at all. It took less than an hour. But I hurried and got them done, then had to go to the post office twice- and all she pays me is $5???? I dont know. Like I said its my own fault for not bringing it up before, but Im a little miffed by it.

so there you have it... my frustrations.

Awww man Megan that really sucks! So frustrating when people don't doing crafting and realize how much $$'s you end up spending.

And the nerve of that woman who thinks she can just boss everyone around, you need to speak up and tell her to stop.

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