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My oldest son and his wife got married last year and now have a new daughter.

I want to die of embarrassment becuase every time I talk to my mother she brings up that she still hasn't received a thank you note for the wedding gift or the baby gift. She also tells me that my sister-in-law hasn't received a thank-you note.

One of my best girlfriends bought them a silver candle-holder set at an antique mall and I've heard it is lovely. She called me a month after she sent it to find out if they received it. John said, "Of course we did - we love it. It is sitting on the mantle." I was so mad - that was a year ago.

Now with the new baby my girlfriend has hand-knitted a sweater for her. I am hoping he will send a thank-you note before she has to call me to see if he got it. But past history says it isn't going to happen.

The wife seems to have no regard for common curtesies like saying thank you. I just don't get it.

I am embarrassed. I actually bought thank you notes and plan to put a note in each one thanking them for the gift and addressing them and then having them sign them and drop them in the mail.

THen I'm just hoping that no one I know ever gives them a gift again because I don't like the phone calls to see if he got them.

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