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Morning ladies.

Pam you have me cracking up. Remember....I bought stuff in MN that I didn't even realize I left in MN!! Now THAT'S bad!! lol So glad you were able to find someone to come in and help you out thou, that will be awesome!!

My DD & SIL are meeting w/a lady today that will be taking care of the baby once I go back to work. Actually she will be coming in 2 days a week while I am there just to get her familiar w/things. I'm thinking she will be great after just a couple of days, so that I can have a few days off myself to stay home and clean my scraproom. I really need to get things organized in there too I have boxes of stuff just tucked under the bed. I swear I couldn't even tell you what most of the stuff is. Plus I just need to start scrapbooking MORE!! I haven't scraped a single pic of my baby yet

LOL..yes, that is bad, but to be fair I will go in there to find something and find stuff I didn't even know I had bought. I even bought 2 differant stamp sets twice from I gave the duplicates to Manila since they were only $3 or $4 each but So basically I have no idea what I have in I know there is a lot more paper in those boxes too so I am full up there. I really need to go through all this and get it more organized and packed up so when I actually get to work in there it won't be such a modge podge to unpack and put away.

And girl!! Get scrapping that baby!! I am 21 years behind on baby In other words they aren't getting done. I am going to scrap a lot of my favorite pictures of the kids growing up but the idea of doing 5 albums covering 21 years is out the window. I didn't even scrapbook when Devin was I do want to do a baby page for each of them but after that, forget it!! I wish I could have started and kept it up when the first baby was born. I have a bazillion pictures to choose from so I will never run out of pages to do.

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