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Good Morning Sweet Ladies,

Java is on and it looks to be a beautiful morning!

Bren... love the praises for such a positive outlook! It always amazes me how God provides!

Heather... so sorry you and your daughter are struggling right now. I will put your relationship in my prayers that God may one day heal the bonds that hold you together. I am so happy that you have a new friend to help you during this time of need! Praise God! I'll be praying that your surgeon does a wonderful job and that your recovery goes smoothly.

Anna... So sorry to hear that you've been in a funk sweetie! I know what you mean, I've been there the better part of the summer. Found out over the weekend that my thyroid is out of whack so I'm sure that explains why I'm feeling out of sorts these days. No worries, this too shall pass...

Maggie...So glad you were able to advise Katie about halving time released medications! I'm sure we all worry about Katie as she is so young to have so many medical concerns. I'm thinking that you're retired now, but did you work in the medical field?

Linny...How did Camile do after Friday's new drain tube was put in? Has she started to drain properly again? Is she back to recognizing you and your BIL? She continues in my prayer's.

Sunday dinner was nice and Jessica and I got to tinker in my scrap room for a while too. Made an adorable Halloween lo for her reception desk at the office. She was so excited over how cute it turned out. No pic's but it always does my heart good to see my daughters create! I did finish up my Nutcracker Sweet Shadow Box this weekend and it really came out adorable! If you like these papers, feel free to pop over and have a peek.

Praise Report: I spoke with my step mom Wanda yesterday and she's preparing to come home from the hospital on Tuesday. Her speech has returned following the stroke. But, she is still struggling to get up from her wheelchair by herself. Dad is very limited on how much he can help her get up so continued prayers for her courage, strength and determination would be welcomed.

Sorry for the long post ladies. Guess I had a lot on my mind after all this morning. Have a marvelous Monday my friends and may God's blessings be with all of you as you go about your business today. Hugs to all...

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