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Good morning beautiful ladies. I have not been at my computer for most of the weekend. I pulled something in my shoulder last week and it caused a terrible pain through my chest. I went to the doctor on Friday and he gave me Soma (muscle relaxer). My dh has been very sweet and giving me messages. I soak every night in the tub with the jets on using the stuff that the message therapist on the cruise sold me for fibro. Then dh uses the message stuff that I bought. I was able to spend a few hours in my scrap room on Saturday and then last night. I have been in creative withdrawl but just did not have it in me. The pain was too great. It is starting to sub-side some now. I am very thankful for the new change in my dh.
I have so much to say to each of you but I am sure that I will forget someone but know that I hold you each in my prayers every night.

Katie, When I had gulbladder problems I was down to eating lettuce and dry tuna before my surgery. Stay on a bland diet for your own good until you can get into the doctor for treatment. If you have not been vomiting, that is a good thing.
Dawna, Sounds like you have a great thing going with the whole family aboard working out. I too have a hypothyroid and it is very hard to loose weight. Energy is a priceless thing of grace as well. Good to hear that your step mom is doing better.
Bren, Your words are so up lifting. Do not allow the devil to take those from you. A true gift of beauty from God that has over flowed onto us.
Heather, I will continue to pray for you. Like Bren, I think it is a true blessing from God that this new friend is in your life.
Linny, My sweet friend, I am so sorry that Camille has taken a set back. We will pray harder for her return to you.
Jolena, You are really an inspiration. To help that man when he was so down will be rewarded. The whole thing with scrooge is a testimony to your strength. I am very proud to know you.
Steph, Hang in there girl. You are just tired right now.
Elizabeth, I do not know you well but I am glad that you have found our little group and we can pray with you.
Bon, I am so thrilled that you are once again posting. I hope that we can soon be able to meet IRL.
Suzie, Good to hear that you have a new ride. Did I hear you say that you will start filling the trunk? LOL (shoppers 12 step joke)
Maggie, Keeping your mom in my prayers. Sounds like you have a baby to pamper for a week. He may need a little extra hand feeding to make it.
Shana, How was that meal?
Deb, The heck with the grass. Sit by the fire with us for a while.
Martica, How is Pedro's job search going?
Yvonne, I really hope this is a better week for you.
Glenda, Where are you at sweet lady?

To all, I wish you a blessed and wonderful week. May God show you his miraculous beauty in your every turn.

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