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Good morning ladies. Wow, after two days of gloomy rainy weather, the sun is shining sooo brightly this morning! It just looks like a magnificent fall day -- a tad cool, but sunny and bright!

There's a new Michaels opening up a few miles away and I was going to take a ride to check out the grand opening, but I decided I really don't need anything and I did put myself on a spending freeze until the spring unless absolutely necessary. I got my ACMoore reward certificate for $10 so I think I may be heading there, but I'll wait until the weekend. So I guess I'll stay in and play in my room for a little while. I was planning on printing some pictures, but can't seem to put my hands on my jump drive that has the pictures!

Linny, wonderful news that you spoke to Camille on the phone last night! And Dawna, equally wonderful that Wanda will be going home!

Yvonne, how are you feeling????

Lorna, I hope you're feeling better today as well!

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