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Hi Owls! Phewww...I think I am kind of caught up.

Why are the weekends so short??? I think we need to start a petition....3 day weekends, 4 day work weeks!

Did the Race for the cure in 28 degree weather! Brrr! But, once we got walking it wasn't bad. It took us a pathetic 1 hour to get through 5K. There was soooo many people. Came home to get ready for the Grandparents to be here to celebrate T's bday. I had forgotten why I plan my meals around MIL drove me CRAZY!!! She spilled coffee on the stove, counter and on some woodwork. And, didn't clean it up! Guess I need to buy her a sippy cup for my house!!! And, then some crumbs that were in front of her....wiped them off onto the floor!!!

Then I learned the "no" word....The room mom wanted me to make the one game that I had showed her for the Halloween party. Now here's the deal...every game I sent her they are using. And, she assigns me the hardest one. LOL I told her if someone would make it...I would run it!!!! So, they tabled that one and gave me my other idea for a game. LOL

Then, XC parent wanted me to make 18 sets of Good Luck at State in Green and Black letters. And, do the names of each kid. Another parent also stepped forward so I am now just back to doing the scrapbook. Thank goodness!!! I had said I was feeling the XC crunch.

Oh, and I am doing preschool conferences next week! LOL I am NUTS!!!!

Hope all is well here. Did you win big $$ at the casino Jann? Wouldn't that be fun!!!

Happy Belated Birthday on here, Joy. Sorry I didn't make it here to chat yesterday. Sorry about your brothers counts being high.

Travel safe Gigi!

Hi Suzy! Hi Megan!!

Sorry that you couldn't sleep, Verna.

Glad you had a good trip surprising your Aunt, Val. And, how fun for the girls on the horse riding. I will keep your community in my prayers. We had something similiar in a town 30 minutes from me last weekend. He never made it to school either. I've never heard anything more on that. He was a teenager.

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