Username Post: Prays need for my Brother
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Anytime! I have worn an artificial leg since I was 3. I don't remember having 2 "real" legs. Tell your brother I suggest calling the nurse help to go to the bathroom about 30 minutes BEFORE he thinks he needs to go. I have been in the hospital for other problems (non-leg) and have learned to always ask the nurse for something before you actually need it. That way you might get it on time. I love good nurses and know they are over worked and under paid. On the other hand, I have had them who were way over paid considering they did very little work and griped in front of the patients the whole time.
Is your brother able to get up by himself? If so, he should request a bedside potty chair. That way he could go when he needs to if your mom or dad is there to stand by in case he needs help. Prayers continue and again, I am here if you need a shoulder or have a question I might could help with.

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