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I am doing (Motogography - sadf not to have all the apps that are available to iphone users - but all in all I think it will be a good class.

yay for refi with a great rate

Mandy - keeping Todd in my prayers. God has a plan!

Sad about the MJ decision, primarily because they didnt have it worked out before they took it to the polls. Taxes will not come back to the schools - that will require a move by "someone" to make that happen and then will require another vote by the voters. of course that did not come out till yesterday. How it impacts those that require drug testing is huge - and like Mandy said - what about us that walk by and have the second hand smoke. Now, we can't drink in public - like walking down the street - so would using MJ be treated the same. (wouldnt help Mandy cause her complex is private property - it would be up to the mgmt on how they would handle that - perhaps they should designate a smoke area off in a corner where others would not be affected) Not sure if law enforcement has all the tools/resources in place to identify someone that is driving while under the influence....Not that I wanted it to be approved - but I am open to consider change IF everything is in place to support. (ok - off my box) Seems like a lot in this election was about entitlement and that core values/morals take a back seat (guess I wasn't off my box) It is what it is....

Just booked Shannon's ticket back home for Christmas - yay!!!!

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