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We were lucky at my house we got like 3 inches other areas got like 10 inches. But it was a mess driving home. We got another day off from work because of the snow.

Amy, I'll let you have all of our snow. I hate snow...

Well the butter crisis is over I got 3 containers of it yesturday.

Brainless me I don't have phone service which means I don't have internet service -it stinks.

Ugh! Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away!!! I'm feeling so behind.

Then at work they asked me if I could work overtime, I was like no thank you. I'll work a little here and there if I have nothing to do at lunch or can get in a little earlier.

Since, I was off yesturday I wanted to clean my house so it would be nice for the weekend but that all went downhill. My little tornadoes came through the house.

Oh good almost time to go home!!!

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