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Good Morning Ladies,

Shana they say the mind is the first thing to go! Not sure how I managed to over look you in yesterday's post, but you'll have to forgive this 'ole lady!' The mind is slipping but I do hope your doing well sweet friend.

Thanks for the reminder Maggie. It's a very hectic time of year to be down recuperating from surgery. Hope you can keep the pain under control till January.

BTW, my apologies for all the 'no longer participating' notices that must have been sent out yesterday when I cleaned up my email back-log! I was way over-due to purge the oldies.

Going to work out with hubby this morning then hopefully get started on decorating today. I'm usually in the full swing of things by now. But, this will be my first year as an 'Empty Nester' and I'm feeling a bit down knowing that our traditions will be changing again this year. This too shall pass...

Wishing you all love and peace day!

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