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I decided to wage my own personal protest against store cards required to get the best price.

Last night I went to buy M&Ms for baking.

Rite Aid had bags for $2.99. Got the checkout, rings up $4.29. "NO, I don't want to pay $4.29." Just enter your phone number.
"No. I don't want to do that."

I was half expecting the clerk to somehow give me the discounted price. NOPE.
I walked out without buying anything.

Went to Walgreens. Same thing. Sorry. You have to have our card to get the 2/$5 price.

Over 40% higher price without the store card?!
I would think that stores would rather make a sale, than have customers walk out.

I realize I am probably alone in this crusade, as most people seem to not be bothered by it.

I firmly believe that more consumers need to "vote" with their money. If you don't like a store or its policies, don't shop there.

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