Username Post: My daughter is needing prayers
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Scrappin Kitty

On Friday she started running 103 temp, and was sick all weekend. She also had a bad dizzy spell last night & I took her pulse and it was 32, but thankfully came up quickly. She had recently told me that she has been having the dizzy spells quite often, but thought they were nothing, so didn't mention how often or how bad they are getting. So when I took her to the doc today they did a flu test on her that came out positive, and they did an EKG on her, which came out abnormal. She is being referred to a cardiologist. She has had lung issues since she was 6 months old, but as she has gotten older they have gotten better, and has all but stopped. Now this is going on. My prayer is that they say the abnormal EKG was caused by her being sick, and that there are no heart issues. At the moment I'm so worried about her that I don't even want to let her out of my sight

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