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Lorna your prayer was birthday gift enough so don't give it a thought.

Maggie my arms are around you can't you feel them? I'll be holding your hand tomorrow too. But since I can't physically do all that for you God will do it instead. Good thing because He's so much better at it than I am.

Anna prayers for your daughter and God's plan is for full healing so I know it can be done.

Dawna did you get your pipes cleaned (the aluminum ones?) lol

Hang in there Linny - Dr's PRACTICE medecine which tells me they aren't perfect yet. But God is perfect and He'll fix you right up.

Yvonne my dear friend you have had a rough run, first the back and now feeling ill. You are in my prayers for a quick healing and that you can jump out of bed with that beautiful smile of yours in no time.

Thank you all for the well wishes it was a nice quiet day and went out to dinner with the guys from work and it was wonderful. Steak and gorganzola pasta yummy!

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