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Hello you wonderful ladies..

Bren happy belated birthday day. I pray that it was an awesome and blessed day just like you!!!

Maggie I hope that all is well with you and your surgery.

Linny, you are such a hoot!!! You always make me laugh with something that you say. I hope that your pain goes away.. And I hope that you get your mojo back..

Anna I am happy that your daughter's appointment went well.

I still haven't heard anything from Joy. The number that I looked up online in the white pages said it was disconnected. I hope that everything is ok.

Heavenly Father I come to you praying for all the wonderful women here. I pray that we stay strong in all that we come in contact with. From illness, depression, hurt feelings, and everyday life. We know that you are a way maker dear Lord and that all things happen in due time. I pray that we keep the faith and that all our hopes, dreams and prayers come true in Your Son Jesus name Amen..

Good night you wonderful ladies..

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