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Oh well god bless all of you guys, I will daily pray for you starting today. I have an odd "experienec" I have two kids. Cody is 12 and Kaili is 7. They are very healthy and sweet bit of a nmean streak in the boy though ha ha ha !
I have several things i NEED to change about myself i wrote out a list of the 10 things to change and at the end of a list i wrote secrret desire. I had to think a car finally or what a house? I know what i want "a baby girl" three months later after working hard of changing and reading my Bible (kjv) DAILY I found out i was prego!!!!!! On my christmas eve bday i was told it was a GIRL" now here is the ticker: I want more!!! I first have got to take better *(get into routines) care of the ones i have that is essential!!! I believe god would like to bless me with twins!! Iknow it sounds crazy and if my hubby ever reads this he will call me crazy insane.

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