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  • zrock on 03-10-13 11:32 AM

    In response to crafty mom of 5

sorry for all the bad weather and I too want it to get better

amy!! gosh hun you are such an amazing woman ( I mean we already knew that but) even more so now--im sending hugs to you too

anna was much better with advice on this one--I am having issues with my 15yr dd right now in fact we go this coming week to put her on birth control she recently shared some things with me and it put me on the defense and I was not planning on doing this but I dont really knw what else to do she is a freshman and the boy is a junior.

anyway hope everyone stress goes away or at least reduces some.

I like the gigi and pops--the pops is what my dh has said he wants to be called

also hopes brianna feels better

hope this week is better for everyone luv you guys!!

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