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I'm not up to date on my wormhole theory. I can demonstrate the idea with a string, but thats about it. I'm not wedded to the ghost theory, either. It's the only one I've come across that surprised me. I don't enjoy the Ghost Hunter type shows that are so prevalent now, so we have completely exhausted my depth on the subject

Anybody out there enjoy Stargate more once Vala joined the cast? Or is just me and my Farscape thing? (We refer to the co-mingling of casts as Fargate in our house.)

The webisodes of Farscape interest me because Ben Browder will have a hand in the making of them. I've always found the episodes of sci-fi shows written by an actor or for the fans to be my favorites even if they are generally panned by others. Even though I thought Ben Browder's Farscape episode was not that great, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every great Sci-Fi show has to have at least a couple of Holo-deck episodes to keep the gods happy, I suspect. Oh, and Ground Hog Day episodes...(Buffy's and Stargate's GHD episodes are my favorites)

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