Username Post: Any Young and The Restless Fans Out there?
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I do not understand Nikki and Paul getting together I liked that he was with Maggie lord knows what happened with her if they were going to ditch her why didn't they let her die when Shelia shot her?

I am so hot on the Chloe,Billy, Lily, Cane story at first I didn't want Lily and Cane to be together then they grew on me but both of their stupidity Erks me! Cane should know a little more about paternity test don't ya think on that note the whole family with the Kay Chancelor thing. OMG and Ester they always have her charater act so Idiotic now she got the new bf, she should listen to Jill but I guess this is going to be an I told ya plot or they are about to kill off Ester for ever??

I couldn't stand David either and not on AMC too!~ Wasn't he Lujack back in the days? Thats when I liked him. lol

Its cool that the Next American Top Model is on there huh! but I do and don't like her character (Tyra)lol how they choose that name?hehe

I think I have always liked/ felt sorry for Amber since B&B I just wished she'd learn from her lying.

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