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I am wondering what i should charge people to teach them to scrapbook and or stamp? I will demo with all my tools and own supplies plus drive to their house. I will teach them all the basics and more.


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People around here usually charge around $20.00 per person.

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Thats good to know because I was going to start doing the same thing expect for driving to their home. I will have the "classes" here and wanted to know what the rate should be. It gets hard because unlike us they don't know how much we really spend to make nice LO's

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I charge S15.00 to $25.00 plus supplies per person for two hours at ACM. I do bring my things with me but it is more for them to try then buy.

I supply a list of things that are needs for the classes. When they pay for the class the get the supply list. Most people buy their supplies a half an hour before the class.

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People seem willing to pay to ensure a successful experience - avoiding risk, saving time, getting full feature value, having piece of mind.

The amount they'll pay for these things will vary of course, but the factors that play in are completely separate from the factors that determine license costs (in this case Google's infrastucture & opearational costs). So in theory the two shouldn't be directly correlated.

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maybe start with an introductory rate, hook them in $10 - $15 for the first class. give discounts like refer a friend, half price or 2 for 1. $20 is a good number. remember economy is hard, don't be afraid to offer discounts and deals to hook them in. then open them up to a whole new world of creativity.

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Good luck!!

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I wished I would have had someone teach me when I first started scrapping, and I would have gladly paid for that class.....instead though I spent about 500 at once to go to a day crop with a friend, and bought everything from a tote to supplies...did I need all that? NO! LOL

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At the scrapbooking store I go to they charge Ten Dollars an hour for the teaching. The first classis very basic, they show and talk about the different albums available, the different styles types of paper, cutters, and adhesives. You usually go home with one layout done.

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