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Username Post: January Cricut Challenge-Closed        (Topic#1568465)
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This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images.

All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge

JANUARY TWIST: Use one of the following on your project: Bird, birdcage, butterfly

All projects MUST include something made with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (31st) there will be a random drawing from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects) for an RAK from me


At the end of each month (the 30th) there will be a random drawing from all projects that used the twist for an RAK from me.*

*Winner of the first drawing will not be eligible for the 2nd drawing*

Please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

Have completed 3 projects

Norma (njr007)
1. Michelle (melissadam)
2. Carolyn (vincarash)
3. Tracy (TracyF)
4. Stacey (cpowife)
5. Barb (bgsl56)
6. Lisa (lpeeps)
7. Anna (AnnaC)
8. Kelly (NewSnow0518)
9. Tina (tinadn)
10. Trish (Chan'sGram)
11. Laura (lcmemories)
12. DaNel (DaNelHicks)
13. Val (izzzyw0611)
14. Kimberly (leokc34)
15. Sonja (SonjaC)
16. Melanie (Lamoo12)
17. Carol (SnowDog)
18. Bonnie (bbscraps)
19. Joy (joydee)
20. Janellie (janellie)
21. Sandra (nansan)
22. Donna (dkscrapper)
23. Dawna (Dawna S. Place)
24. frecklesandpawprints
25. Rhonda (YourscrapAttack)

1. las vegas margarita time By Leokc34
2. Happy New Year! By Leokc34
3. Santa, I can explain By Lcmemories
4. Believe By NewSnow0518
5. Love you By ChansGram
6. Seraphim cutie By Leokc34
7. Thank you By Leokc34
8. Here Comes the Bride By Dawna.s Place
9.-10. Happy Holidays By Anna C
11. Joy to the World By Anna C
12. HO HO HO By Anna C
13. /3486835/-1.html
14. Living Our Happily Ever After By Dawna.s Place
15. A friendly beard competition By Tinadn
16. Kayaking By Lcmemories *twist*
17. Birthday Girl By Tracy F
18. The sweetness I call Worm By ChansGram
19. 2011 By Vincarash
20. Christmas 2011 By DaNel Hicks
21. love bugs By Joydee1963 *twist*
22. Congrats glasses By Lamoo12
23. Weather Forecast! for **Scraputante** By Dawna.s Place
24. Party with you - colour By Leokc34
25. cowboy birthday card By Leokc34
26. Sending my love By Leokc34
27. Renaissance Faire Journal By Dawna.s Place
28. Renaissance Faire Journal By Dawna.s Place
29. Be Mine By ChansGram
30. Love By Joydee1963 *twist*
31. Sweet dog By Joydee1963 *twist*
32. Snow Storm By Cpowife
33. Ahoy Matey! By Cpowife
34. 1st Thanks By NewSnow0518
35. With Sympathy By NewSnow0518 *twist*
36. Get Well By NewSnow0518
37. love is in the air By Leokc34
38. favorite costumes By YourScrapAttack
39. love you a latte By Melissadam
40. Heart Card By Tracy F
41. Merry Christmas By Vincarash
42. please please take me By Bbscraps
43. 2012- word of the year "love" By Leokc34
44. forget love By Melissadam
45. Mom And Dad By Joydee1963
46. Upward By Lcmemories
47.-48. Silver Dollar City By Lpeeps
49. Love By Tracy F
50. pink christmas By Leokc34
51. Best Day Ever By Izzyw0611
52. Go Hawks By Tinadn
53. Baby Boy By Njr007
54. Little Wonder By Njr007
55. Sweet Dreams By Njr007
56. B is for Boy By Njr007
57. Sweet Baby Boy By Njr007
58. Snips and Snails By Njr007
59. 1 Wonderful Year With You By Njr007
60. Chief By Cpowife
61. Us By Lpeeps
62.-63. 4th Grade By Lpeeps
64. Valentine's Day Card By Njr007
65. Be My Valentine By Njr007
66. Thinking of You Valentine By Njr007
67. Monster Valentine By Tracy F
68. Birdcage tag By Tracy F *twist*
69. Mammoth Style By SonjaC
70. Whats Cookin By Leokc34
71. Be Mine By Leokc34
72. Lain By Dawna.s Place *twist*
73. Jan Uglies - Friend of Nature By SnowDog *twist*
74. Pool Princess By Dawna.s Place
75. priceless By Melissadam
76. I love You By Dawna.s Place *twist*
77. Switching Gear By SonjaC
78. Training Big Bear By Lamoo12
79. Little Boy 'rides' By Lamoo12
80. XOXOXO By Anna C
81. Oceans of Love By Leokc34
82. I'm a sucker for you By Leokc34
83. AGC 1/2 - 2012 album cover By YourScrapAttack
84. love banner By YourScrapAttack
85. Go Hawks By Tinadn
86. Go Hawks By Tinadn
87. Sympathy card By Izzyw0611
88. IPOD By Lamoo12
89. Sugar Shack By ChansGram
90. Cherish By ChansGram
91. You Stole My Heart By Lpeeps
92. Christmas 2011 By Tracy F
93. Joy By Vincarash
94. St. Agnes By Melissadam
95. the moor fountain By Melissadam
96. Family By Dawna.s Place
97. Making Pizzas By Lamoo12
98. fun By Melissadam
99. Our house By Leokc34
100. Princess - January Uglies By Leokc34
101. Journal for Sisterhood of the Secret Journal Swap By Nanasan
102. Happy Birthday Card By Nanasan
103. /3513493/...
104. /3513487/-1.html
105. /3513479/...
106. /3513481/...
107. /3513477/-1.html

Edited by njr007 on 01-31-12 10:01 AM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

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In response to njr007

Hi norma! Im in!

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In response to melissadam

hi i am in

Tracy F
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Tracy F
In response to vincarash

I'm in again too!

Posts: 12451
Joined: 01-17-06
In response to Tracy F

Hi there! Life around here has settled down quite a bit so I would love to be able to get some projects done and play again. Count me in

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In response to cpowife

got you added ladies, thanks for joining in January!

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Joined: 08-29-06
In response to njr007

I got a Cricut for Christmas ---- so I'd like to join too!

Posts: 13302
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In response to bgsl56

I'm here. Going to get my new E2 out. I struggled through all the Christmas projects with my dieing E. It got me through, but would quit randomly or not turn on or would sometimes turn off in the middle of a cut. Other times it would work like a gem. Got the E2 day after Thanksgiving. I'm hoping it doesn't have any of the problems I've heard some have.

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to lpeeps

I'm back for January!

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In response to Anna C

I have high hopes to kick off the new year with a bang, so I would love to join!

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In response to NewSnow0518

first post up to date....

Posts: 43802
Joined: 03-25-09
In response to njr007

count me in please

Posts: 56309
Joined: 05-12-06
In response to tinadn

I'm in if it is ok to keep joining- this will be my 3rd month in a row, don't want to take up space for newbie"s, just let me know!

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In response to ChansGram

I want to join. I got a Cricut for Christmas, and I am having so much fun!

DaNel Hicks
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DaNel Hicks
In response to lcmemories

Hello everyone.

I'm in for this month. Can't wait to get life back to normal and scrap.

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In response to DaNel Hicks

Thanks for joining ladies, first post up to date

Lauri D
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Lauri D
In response to njr007

Oh I would love to join this. Every time I find this challenge it's closed. May I please join?

Thanks, Lauri D.

PS Happy New Year everyone!

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Joined: 10-26-08
In response to Lauri D

me please!!! love my cricut

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Joined: 11-03-08
In response to leokc34

Oh I hope you have room for me, Norma! I've been watching for this one to come up for January - missed you guys...
I got the Gypsy for Christmas and am dying for an excuse to really use it!
Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years!

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In response to SonjaC

I'd love to play again please.

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