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Please read this if you have children/grandchildren etc in any of these states: .html?tag=p...

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  • GMFTS on 09-26-12 02:23 PM
In response to Monique_McCoy

Paddling is a lot different than a slap across the face which they used to illustrate this.

I am not defending corporal punishment but it does bother me to see this sort of hyprebole being used.

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In response to Monique_McCoy

20 years ago as a presentation for a class in educational history/psych I brough a paddle I had made to the exact specs of the paddles used in Texas at the time . It was 2 1/2 ft long 4 inches wide and 3/4 of an inch thick with holes drilled into it. As I picked it up I slammed it onto the desk with the same force a principal would use on a child.

I woke up that class. until I SHOWED what was being used many thought corporal punishment was ok.

If a parent used these implements to beat a child they would probably have that child removed. If I hit YOU with it, I would go to jail for assult.

It is NOT ok.

I won't even go into the stats that show that most paddling is aimed at boys who are NOT white, and who often have ADHD or intellectual deficits.

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In response to Kathy_in_wlsv

I disagree with corporal punishemnt at the school level. This is very fine line.

I believe is to be left to parents who really know how and when to use it.

I used it with my three daughters..long time ago, and they are fine young ladies and we make fun of how I used to "punish" them. I learn a lot since then, now as a grandmother I try to use time out, talking about the problem before I will spank them on their behind. Never believe in smacking their faces ever. If the get a spank is more about a safety issue where they are to do something that my hurt even after I had say no!

My take on this one!

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