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Wow, scrapbooking always seemed so intimidating...and time consuming. But I just laid out six pages for my daughter's scrapbook using some skiecthes as guides and it's going pretty smoothly! I'm just pre- cutting everything now, and taking pics of the layouts with my phone. I'll go to archivers on Friday night and put it all together!!

Thanks for all the inspiration!

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It is fun isn't it? I am getting the hang of it. Made me a scraproom now all I lack is talent, but hoping that will come also. I enjoy it, that is the main thing.

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I went to a couple of crops at Michael's, then hooked up with a Creative Memories consultant for regular Thurs eve workshops. After a few months of this, I finally feel like I am getting it too! I worry that my pages aren't excitibg enough, but I like them, n I think they look as good as some, and better than others I've seen.I am learning technology n applying the 7 principles of design I learned in high school art!

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Have a great time--that is the most important. I love that the talent I see on this site pushes me to try new things and techniques ALL the time. it's a never ending art form, and we get to have such a treasured finished product--my son LOVEs looking at his. And remember, if you don't like a page when it's done it's better than the page you had before you started!!

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