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We were all reminiscing about our big 80s hair today at work.(class of 1991 rules!!) It was fun with everyone gesticulating about how wide/tall their hair used to be. A LOT of hairspray back in those days. It seemed like everyone had a good "big hair" story. I remember a guy we met in a club in the late 80s and said he could tell which brand hairspray we used just by smelling. Sounds pervy, but he got all 5 of us right. (3 of us were Aqua Net, no surprise there...). two of us knew of a girl whose hair caught on fire from all the hairspray. I remember everyone (teachers included) wanting to touch my hair. It was impressive because it wouldn't move, even in a tornado. Plus my bangs were about 6" high...
Man, those were fun times! Anyone else have a "big hair" story?

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That's so funny - and it seems we are due for a big hair trend again soon...seemss like it comes around about every 25 years or so.

I have never had big hair - just a lot of it, but I worked with a couple of older women (I say that with tongue in cheek because I am now older than they were then) who did the weekly trip to the "beauty parlor" for a wash and set for their bouffants- and didn't touch their hair again all week. One of these women used to take a pencil and stick it through that bouffantand scratch (ick!) and the whole helmet would move back and forth.

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I have 80's hair even now! For me it never went out nor flat for that matter LOL!
I always feel naked without my hair poofed up/out. My husband does tell me though that when my hair is flat my personality is sweet, and when I do my hair up I have an attitude. Hahahaha what???

Only thing that has changed for me would be the hair spray. Now it's Aussie sprunch spray. I refer to it as the new and improved Aqua Net.
Good old Aqua Net= Hair Cement!

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Ok I will admit it, I had big hair funny thing is I couldn't get it in a ponytail cause it wasn't long enough yet with enough aqua net and teasing it was very big.

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I have a photo of me, my two sisters and our aunt in about 1986, we are all rocking some serious hair and neon pink/zebra stripped shirts and acid washed jeans. We were awesome.

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my mom had big permed hair in the 80's and early 90's...i would think of her as the most glamourous woman in the world with her big hair, 80's jewelry, and major makeup (blush all the way into the hair line, blue eye shadow, and the perfect revlon lipstick). for the christmas pictures one year she took me to get my own "big" hair...a bit much for a 6 year old, but a nice memory.

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My hair was too frizzy and curly to do so...but I do remember ironing my hair so it will be straight!

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